Our Capabilities

At Voxtel Technologies – We make turn your project into reality.

Any metal fabrication parts  or assembly you might need, we can create it. Just bring in your idea or project and we will work together on possible ways to make it real.  From designing to custom fabrication, at Voxtel we specialize in working with engineers and creators.

We provide manufacturing solutions to our clients, meeting every requirement through flexibility in our processes, technical support and complete adaptation to existing  systems offering the best response and under our cost effective commitment.

Work with our expert metal engineers and fabricators to review part designs and material selection before production. We’ll provide feature change recommendations – if you need them – to ensure efficient manufacturability, consistent quality, and cost effective production. Our engineers work closely with yours to review part prints and identify design modifications based upon expected geometric tolerances.

Address assembly and finishing specification concerns before molding or assembly. Our engineer’s front-end review of assembly files will ensure that component assembly and part finishing can be delivered without issue.

Capabilities and Expertise

Full Metal Fabrication and Design Services
Manufacturing of Fabricated Metal Parts and
Fiberglass Reinformed Plastics ( FRP )
Contract Manufacturing and Product Engineering Services
Consulting and Value Engineering
Prototyping and short runs
Productions scheduling, tracking and controlling
Extesive quality systems and inspection control